Interviewing Javier Delgado: “We must regain respect and commitment of our profession”

Javier Delgado Sauermann, CEO of Canarship, shipping agent associated with Asocelpa, reviews his career and the future of the maritime sector.

Asocelpa participates in the conference “Mauritania, the Western gateway to Africa. Geo-strategic advantages and challenges”

In this conference held in Nouakchott and organized by the Association of Spanish and Mauritanian Enterprises (COEME), emphasis was placed on the connections between the Canary Islands and Mauritania, both by air and sea, port and airport infrastructure, and the strategic condition that Mauritania holds in the current energy map of Europe.

The Port Authority of Las Palmas reinforces its commitment to sustainability

Mr. Luis Ibarra, President of the A.P.L.P. (Port Authority of Las Palmas) signed the Friends of the Ocean Membership Agreement for a sustainable ocean economy that combines economic development and environmental protection.

Setting up the Friends of the Ocean platform

Friends of the Ocean is a global, non-profit community based in the Canary Islands. We put ourselves at the service of cooperation and talent to promote the transition towards a sustainable ocean economy that combines economic development and environmental protection.

Publishing of the first guide on consignment and stowage in Las Palmas

This initiative that we are launching seeks to clarify the main generic doubts about the activity that we carry out. We also want to share the possible solutions to the professional challenges that the future will bring us in the maritime sector of the Canary Islands with the entire community.

Getting acquainted with the new fire service in the port area

Last Friday, the 22nd April, we met with the Chief Logistics Officer of the Fire Brigade of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Mr. Fernando Naranjo, to exchange impressions on the firefighting, salvage, rescue and civil protection service in the Port of Las Palmas.

Updated agreement of ship agency companies and port operation contractors in the port of Las Palmas

Today, 12th April 2022, we met with representatives of the Federation of Citizenship Services of Trade Union Comisiones Obreras (CCOO).

Event about the past, present and future of the maritime sector

Today, 7th of April, we met in the Assembly Hall of the Elder Museum to enjoy a talk with Asocelpa’s last eight presidents.

Visit to Parque Hotel to see its renovated facilities

Last Friday, 18th of February, we visited the Parque Hotel in Las Palmas, belonging to the Spanish chain Sercotel. This group has 154 hotels located in 104 destinations throughout Spain, Andorra, Portugal, Colombia, Ecuador, Panama, Mexico and Italy.

Today we are 97 years old

We are on Anniversary.