Getting acquainted with the new fire service in the port area


Last Friday, the 22nd April, we met with the Chief Logistics Officer of the Fire Brigade of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Mr. Fernando Naranjo, to exchange impressions on the firefighting, salvage, rescue and civil protection service in the Port of Las Palmas.

Last Friday, the 22nd April, we met with the Chief Logistics Officer, Mr. Fernando Naranjo, who attended the meeting organized by Asocelpa on behalf of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria Firefighting and Rescue Service in order to exchange views on service against fires, salvage, rescue and civil protection in the Port of Las Palmas, resulting in a very useful first meeting both from an informative view point and as a very beneficial first contact point.

The content of the Agreement agreed between the APLP and the LPGC City Council of November 2021 was addressed, as well as the Manual of the Emergency Action Plan of the port of Las Palmas.

This agreement regulates the cooperation and coordination of the actions of the city’s fire department in the port area and in the ships moored there. After five years without regulations or official regulations, this four-year validity agreement, which could be extended for two more, will mean an economic endowment for the acquisition of specific material means and equipment, as well as the necessary training actions.

In summary, the relevance of establishing a close collaboration between port agents, the City Council and the Port Authority of Las Palmas was discussed, with the goal to carry out an analysis of the available and necessary means, the specific training requirements and the resulting provision of ships for practices or drills.

Asocelpa will carry out the appropriate steps with the aim of optimizing the coordination between the parties involved in the safety of the ships that visit us.

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