Asocelpa participates in the conference “Mauritania, the Western gateway to Africa. Geo-strategic advantages and challenges”


In this conference held in Nouakchott and organized by the Association of Spanish and Mauritanian Enterprises (COEME), emphasis was placed on the connections between the Canary Islands and Mauritania, both by air and sea, port and airport infrastructure, and the strategic condition that Mauritania holds in the current energy map of Europe.

At the beginning of this month of June, in his position as President of Asocelpa Mr. Jaime Cabrera made a presentation on the current situation of the association, the blue economy and the port activity. During his exhibition, the promotional video of Asocelpa was shown, in addition to distributing among the attendees copies of our commercial catalogue and the recently-published Informative Guide on Consignment and Stowage.

The conference was chaired by the Secretary General of Transport of Mauritania, the Deputy Minister of Public Works and Transport of the Canary Islands, Mr. Gustavo Santana Hernández, and the Director of Economic Affairs with Africa, Mrs. Nasara Cabrera Abu. The conference bridged the gap between the Canary Islands and Mauritania, highlighting the support of the Government of the Canary Islands for the improvement of economic relations with Mauritania and laid the foundations for future business meetings that will delve into new inter-territorial projects.

he Association of Spanish and Mauritanian Enterprises (COEME) is made up of companies from both countries, many of which are of Canarian origin and have been carrying out their activities in the neighbouring country for years, in different sectors of the economy, jurisprudence, communication, public works, etc.

The main objective and mission of this new business association is to serve as support for new trade relations between the two countries and the development of existing ones.


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