Setting up the Friends of the Ocean platform

friends of the ocean

Friends of the Ocean is a global, non-profit community based in the Canary Islands. We put ourselves at the service of cooperation and talent to promote the transition towards a sustainable ocean economy that combines economic development and environmental protection.

As consignees and stevedores our personal and professional lives have revolved around the sea for decades. Together with other organizations and institutions linked to the maritime sector, we have started this movement.

The oceans are huge economic assets that are in a critical condition. For many years the misuse and bad management of marine resources has reduced the natural capacity of the oceans for self-healing. This process of constant degradation is seriously endangering the health of all humanity. It is a global problem that can be corrected with practical actions that have a positive impact and that are part of the solution to this planetary challenge.

It is necessary to forge new alliances to improve the health, wealth and well-being of people. The oceans are the answer to these threats and not the problem.

We set up this efficient partnership structure to help prevent and reduce the amount and impact of waste that reaches the marine environment. Our purpose is to enjoy a sustainable, healthy and productive Atlantic Ocean.

The organizations that adhere to the MANIFIESTO for ACTION commits to:

1. – Redirect productive activity towards a circular economy without leaks of plastics and marine litter.
2. – Reduce the amount of single-use plastic and focus on reusing.
3. – Carry out dissemination and awareness work on the problem of marine litter in the oceans.
4. – Support local campaigns to clean up and remove waste from the sea.
5. – Promote the development of knowledge, supporting scientific research to mitigate waste and promote the life of essential marine species.

Being part of Friends of the Ocean reinforces your organization’s commitment to sustainability and demonstrates that you are taking the initiative and taking action. You will join a community that shares knowledge, ideas and best practices. You will have the opportunity to meet in learning and informative sessions with scientific collaborators, ocean and marine life experts.

In addition, you will have a continuous presence in all external communications made in the advertising and dissemination media of Friends of the Ocean.

f you want to know more about the project and join the platform, visit our website 

Take action. For an Atlantic Ocean free of garbage and plastics.

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