Today, on the International Maritime Women’s Day, we interviewed Ida Stier

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In 1978, she started her career in the Spanish shipping industry, moving to the English Insurance Market in 1982. In 1986 she got appointed in Madrid, UK P&I Club General Correspondents in Spain.

1. To begin with, could you brief in few words the Stier Group’s activity?
Grupo Stier develop the safety & maritime emergency in her two activities. Stier Maritime Services: as P&I Club Correspondents, Ship Agents and Surveys Services and, Stier Training Centre, identified as the first private Centre in Spain offering international accreditations OPITO, GWO, STCW to work in the Oil & Gas, Renewable Energies/Wind Farms Sectors as well as the Maritime and Fishing industry.

2. Ida, tell us a little about yourself and your career. How long have you been working in the maritime sector?
In 1978 I started in the Spanish Shipping Sector and in 1982, I moved to the English Insurance Market and in 1986 I was appointed in Madrid as the UK P&I Club General Correspondent in Spain.

Today I’m still in the same activity with my own company, Grupo Stier, which is appointed P&I Club Correspondents in the Canary Islands by different P&I Club and soon, we will celebrate our 30ies. A lifetime dedicated to the emergencies, the maritime services and the education/training. Always focused on saving lives, preventing and promoting at all levels the safety and, in particular, creating and promoting employment in Spain and abroad. Grupo Stier is the result of a project that has generated and is generating, employment in the Canary Islands at the time is positively influencing the internationalization of our archipelago, being today a place of reference for the port-maritime services and the qualified training.

3. What’s did attract you to this industry?

Having been in contact with Seafarers, I always dreamed of a world of adventures plus, the honesty, sincerity and integrity which I shared in the maritime emergencies’ worst moments, show me the way to be here. In particular, I felt the need to help and transmit experience/knowledge to others to ease their access to this extremely passionate maritime world.

Since child I always wish to be a Ship Captain and even though my professional career took a different direction, today I’m proud to be the Captain of my own ship Grupo Stier whose motivated women and men crew sail day after day full speed ahead to reach the safe port.

4. Throughout your career, have you faced any obstacles because you are a woman? If so, what were they and how did you overcome them?
Life is full of obstacles to anyone. In my case, I bet to have exceeded the maximum number of difficulties however, I don’t like to talk about it. I prefer instead to share an inspiring message: Passion, resilience and courage beat any barrier in life Any woman or man can face difficulties with professionalism, perseverance and strength

5. Why do you think the International Women’s Day in the maritime sector is so significant?

To be honest, I do not consider it significant. In my opinion the World Maritime Day, in September, it’s a day to celebrate the industry professionalism and that, has no gender. It’s correct to say that women number is increasing day after day and our integration balanced the sector as professional women are everywhere. There are no barriers to limit the growth of men or women as long as each, defends what they love to do and they do it with love.

6. What would be your message to women who are thinking of starting a career in the maritime world?

To pursue what your heart commands and your head bite the bullet. To convert your wake up, in a daily illusion and if by looking at the sea, much better. To detect the opportunities that this industry offers to all.

7. What do you think will be the areas that will bring the greatest opportunities for the sector and for the islands?

No doubts, the Offshore Renewable Energy is getting more and more important in the Canary Islands. The industry will bring many new opportunities and we need qualified professionals to ensure the largest number of jobs in our islands.

The Oil & Gas market in Mauritania & Senegal, is a growing sector in terms of services that can be provided from the Canary Islands being the last European gateway, to all types of boats, ships and their crew.

Thank you very much for your time Ida. Nice to chat with you. Thank you. Best regards.

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