Meeting with the president of Las Palmas Port Authority

REUNION_Presidente AP

Last Wednesday, 3rd March, the new Board of Directors held a productive work meeting with the President of the Port Authority, Mr. Luis Ibarra.

The meeting was attended by Asocelpa, its President Mr. Jaime Cabrera, the Vice President Ms. Carmen Moreno, the Councillor Ms. Gabriela Esquivel and the Secretary General Ms. Elena Vicente.

The meeting’s agenda was focused on the search for agreements and solutions in various aspects that are essential for port operations, and that have a special influence on our daily management.

In order to improve the services provided to the shipowner, the following issues were discussed: document management and the exchange of information between port agents, the reordering of the limitation of the anchoring of gas carriers between docks, the implementation of access control systems and dock security, Marpol V waste management and control, the new assessments of the soil and water depth of the Las Palmas port and the pilotage specifications.

On behalf of Asocelpa, our President Mr. Jaime Cabrera wanted to personally thank Mr. Luis Ibarra for the effort made by Las Palmas Port Authority to lower port rates by 20% by 2021. This shared objective will allow to increase the competitiveness of the offer of port services in the ports of the province and consolidate ourselves as a key maritime destination for the Mid-Atlantic.

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