Meeting between Asocelpa and Ciudadanos


The agenda revolved around the reduction of the LVT in the port area and the creation of the port-city committee.

For years the port community has demanded a reduction in the type of tax to be applied to Land Value Tax in the port of Las Palmas, which currently applies the 1.3% percentage, the maximum allowed by the regulations.

Among the attendees at the meeting held on Thursday, 4th March in Asocelpa were the spokesperson in the City Council of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria Lidia Cáceres and the Technician Advisor Enrique Sánchez; both belong to Ciudadanos (Spanish political party), who also advocates for the reduction and who have raised several proposals in the Plenary of the City Council.

12 years ago, the City Council went from applying an LVT of 0.6% to 1.3%, resulting in a loss of competitiveness compared to other ports such as Santa Cruz de Tenerife (1.185), Algeciras (1.15), Valencia (1.1) and Barcelona (0.682).

Given the current situation that the economy is going through due to Covid-19, and the fact that the LPGC City Council accounts are completely healthy, we understand that there is sufficient margin to approach rates like the one in Barcelona or the one we had in the year 2009 (0.6).

Ciudadanos has prepared a new proposal that will be presented in the Plenary of the City Council to bring the rate closer to 0.6 and thus help the companies of the Port to generate investment and employment.

On the other hand, Asocelpa will once again request a meeting with the Mayor to address this matter, as we already did in 2019 and 2020, and we will resume the request for the creation and launch of the port-city committee.




Asocelpa visits the new facilities of Las Palmas Maritime Captaincy
Our President, Mr. Jaime Cabrera, payed a visit in return to the visit Maritime Captain of Las Palmas Mr. Francisco García made last September to Asocelpa.

At the meeting, Mr. Jaime Cabrera wanted to convey to Mr. Francisco García the appreciation of the associates after the significant improvement experienced in telematic procedures, thanks to the relaunch of the electronic headquarters as a key element to accelerate the necessary documentary and technical processes in the maritime operations of our ports.

We want to thank the Captaincy for the spirit of continuous collaboration that it demonstrates for the benefit of the port community of Las Palmas.

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