High technology will revolutionize the Canary ports


Drones will be of vital importance for the evolution of ports and terminals, providing services in inspection, security, protection and maritime and land logistics operations.

Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, may 25th 2021.

From the hand of the entity Airmedia 360 we were direct witnesses of a real flight demonstration with a drone of 2 meters in diameter in the Port of Las Palmas. The device, which carried a payload of 13 kilos, carried out several take-off and landing maneuvers manually and automatically, traveling a maximum distance of 500 meters from the Africa Dock and reaching speeds of up to 50 km/hour.

Drones can target ships and oil platforms docked in ports or anchored nearby, thanks to their 60-minute flight autonomy, which enables them to reach up to 20 km away, making round trips without the need for maintenance stops.

The drone is equipped with the latest international technology in safety, telecommunications and automated flight, allowing the drone pilot to simply carry out supervision tasks, without the need to pilot throughout its journey.

They are resistant to water, being able to fly with winds of up to 45km/h, and reducing costs in the transport of small goods (documentation, medicines, materials, cash, repair tools, etc.) between ships and the port, thus speeding up operations, procedures and processes. And all without emitting CO2 into the atmosphere.

Asocelpasupported Airmedia 360 in its presentation to the call for the Plan to Promote Entrepreneurship for Innovation in the Port Sector – PORTS 4.0 of the year 2020, being chosen among the final options.

This technology has reached the maritime sector to improve work processes and gain efficiency and safety in operations.

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