Asocelpa participates in the ASECOB association meeting


With practically full attendance, ASECOB (The Spanish Association of Shipping Agencies) telematically held meetings of its Executive Committee and its section of Provincial Associations.

Last Friday, Elena Vicente Stone, General Secretary of Asocelpa and on behalf of the associated companies participated in the meeting where the different regulatory changes announced were analysed. These changes such as the reform of the Consolidated Text of the Port Law of the State and Merchant Marine (TRLPEMM), the Maritime Navigation Law, the Ship Dispatch Regulations and the Port Exploitation and Police regulations will have a great impact on the group.

Regarding rest of the addressed issues, it is also worth mentioning the coordinated processing of the different port or commercial consignment service specifications, the general situation of the ports due to the impact of COVID-19 and their current perspectives, as well as, other more specific. Some were a cause of great concern, such as the situation of passenger terminals that continue to be closed without any activity, especially in northern Spain. These terminals are still subject to a relevant part of the occupancy or activity rates even when undergoing this reduction in traffic. 

Finally, the commitment to hold the General Assembly on the first dates that sanitary conditions allow it was reiterated. This General Assembly will have an extended format, with presentations, round tables and conferences that will undoubtedly be of interest, not only to the associates, but also to the entire collective. 

Fuente: ASECOB

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